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Meet Mil-L-3009 Type 1
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Scroll down to next pages for explanation of principle operation of the dual mode micro-prism light guide.

Factory View

Principle Operation of Single Micro‐Prism Light Guide

Dual Mode, NVIS Mode and Day Mode

  1. Use a monitor to illustrate the principle operation of the light guide.
  2. NVIS Compatibility: Mil‐L‐3009 and Sunlight Readability for NVIS meeting Mil‐L‐3009, Type 1, Class B for Multi‐Color Displays.
  3. See NVIS data on Appendix A at the end of this white‐up.
  4. For Day mode, we will use high efficiency LED light bar and micro‐prism light guide backlight to output 1,200 nits to the viewer plus optical bonding to remove all internal layer reflections.

To accomplish both Day mode and NVIS mode, we use a single micro‐prism light guide configured shown in drawing below. The temperature of the micro‐prism light guide material exceeds +95C without deformation.

In the drawing, two light expenders are positioned along the two short sides of the main light guide to channel NVIS light from the four LEDs during nighttime viewing. On each of the light expender, two LEDs and two NVIS filters form two LED/filter pairs. The NVIS filter filters the light from the LED and spread the NVIS light across the entire light guide though the light expanders.

Appendix A