Cost-Effective Display Wall Implementation by Insync

Typical Display Wall Image

This brochure provides implementation details of display walls. Figure (1 below) is a 2×2 configuration example. This 55” narrow border LCD is by Foxconn and the display wall gap is 5.5mm.

  • Our goal is to provide cost-effective solution to our partners
  • Extended 5 year warranty
  • FOB is Laguna Hills, CA, USA
  • Inhouse optical bonding of tempered AG or AR glass to minimize reflections and panel protection
  • Video Splitters

Display Wall Mounting Rack Scheme

Hydraulic Support Device (see Note 1)

Large Display Wall

Display Wall in wheels for mobility
Note 1 Its main function when implemented, one can push and pull the screen in and out of the mounting rack, facilitating screen trouble shooting, replacement and centering.

Detailed information (files are available by clicking corresponding file below).

Section A Splitter

Two files for splitters:, Splitter-1.pdf and Splitter-2.pdf.

Section B 55

55” Product Specification P/N: LTD5500HD05. File: 55in Spec.pdf

Section C Anti-Reflective and protection glasses

Insync will do optical bonding inhouse on following protective glasses to minimize high ambient reflections and display surface protection.

  • 2.2mm to 4mm tempered AG glass, Gloss 50 single sided.
  • 2.2mm to4mm tempered AR glass
  • All glasses will be cut to recede from each of the LCD bezel edges by 0.02” accuracy to avoid LCD-to-LCD butting contacts.

Section D Mounting Rack

File:55in-1B for mounting scheme. Insync shall support and supply mounting rack part drawings based on customer’s display wall design free of charge. Insyn supports mounting rack parts. Contact factory for parts quotation.

Shown in above page photos are accessories for mounting, including many mounting rack
selection, hydraulic support and brackets etc.

Mounting Accessories

  • Mounting bracket
  • Hydraulic Support to facilitate easy services and installation
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