Specializing in
Optical Bonding

We do UV, dry and wet bonding for displays and touchscreens from 1.5 to 98 inches. We can use aluminosilicate glass, AR/AG tempered glass, and NVIS Filter Mil-L-3009.

Military Displays

We provide exceptionally durable NVIS displays using our superior optical bonding process.

Avionics Simulation Displays

Our Dual Mode: Day/NVIS displays meet Mil-L3009 Type 1, Class B for Multi-Color Displays.

Product Development

We specialize in prototyping and small-run production. Let us help you bring your dream to life!

HomeGROWN Tech

A U.S.-based manufacturing company

Established in 1995, we do everything in our dedicated facility in Laguna Hills, located in Southern California. We’re a small business and love to solve problems for our clients who need custom work at a low cost.

Optical Bonding Factory