Specialize Optical bonding UV, Dry, and Wet Bond

Cover Glass for Monitor

  • Alumino Silicate Glass
  • AR/AG Tempered Glass
  • NVIS Filter Mil-L-3009
  • Support LCD & Touchscreen

Insync 6”X 6” Simulation Display Dual Mode: Day/NVIS


Insync Alumino
Silicate Glass


Clean Room Class 1000 Horizontal Flow Bench class 100

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Reliable Optical Bonding Services

Reliable Optical Bonding Services

LCD monitors are often susceptible to glare and reflection that can negatively impact the user’s experience. When you use monitors for critical purposes, including medical, military, and industrial applications, it’s essential to prevent these issues as much as possible. Our optical bonding services can give you improved functionality and protect your monitors for extended use. We use Insync optical bonding that comes at a low price point with no risk of yellowing or delamination. Our unique optical bonding solution eliminates glare and reflections for outdoor use in bright environments, resists scratches, and chemically strengthens glass to improve touchscreen and LCD monitor performance.

Check Out Our Proprietary Process

Our Insync optical bonding services use a proprietary process with clear, touch silicone that enhances optical clarity and improves environmental properties, allowing you to use LCD monitors and touchscreens indoors and out. Our optical bonding solution bonds to anti-reflective glass and touchscreens to allow for accurate viewing, even in direct sunlight. This solution is ideal for monitors used for digital signage placed outdoors and butted LCD walls. This process is available for screens from three to 98 inches and is bonded between the LCD monitor and the tempered glass touchscreen for ultimate performance and protection.

Check Out Our Proprietary Process
Ideal for Various Applications

Ideal for Various Applications

Our revolutionary optical bonding services offer ideal solutions for many applications. We receive many of our requests from industrial companies and companies interested in creating effective outdoor advertisements or terminals that are readable in all weather conditions, increasing ease of use and boosting lifespan. However, this isn’t the only application suitable for our optical bonding services. Optical bonding is a useful addition for monitors used in the medical field and military operations, ensuring clear visibility, regardless of the amount of light or other weather conditions.

If you would like to learn more about our propriety optical bonding services and how they can be used, contact us. Our team is ready to provide the information you need to make an informed decision about optical bonding for your monitors and touchscreens.

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