Reliable Optical Bonding Services

LCD displays are susceptible to glare and reflection that can negatively impact the user’s experience. When these displays are used for critical purposes, including medical, military, and industrial applications, it’s essential to prevent these issues as much as possible. Our optical bonding services give you improved functionality and protect your monitors for extended use. We use a reliable proprietary process that has no risk of yellowing or delamination and has a low price point. Our unique solution eliminates glare and reflections in bright environments, resists scratches, and chemically strengthens glass to improve touchscreen and LCD display performance in difficult conditions.

Our optical bonding solution bonds to anti-reflective glass and touchscreens to allow for accurate viewing, even in direct sunlight. The bond is between the LCD display and the tempered glass touchscreen for the ultimate performance and protection. This process is available for screens from 1.5 to 98 inches and is ideal for displays used outdoors and butted LCD walls.

We are also able to upgrade displays to increase the brightness, often doubling the original output. For example, if your display is 500 to 600 nits, we can upgrade it to 800 to 1000 nits.

Insync is at the forefront of sustainability and has developed a low-power touch monitor with a single board computer that operates solely on solar power.

Image of map showing difference with optical bonding and without optical bonding