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INSYNC Peripherals Corporation warrants for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of manufacture or initial shipment, the Product(s) or Part(s) thereof, free of any defect in material and workmanship as provided. However, INSYNC Peripherals’ liability under said warranty shall be limited to replacing or repairing the supplied Product or Part thereof, or refunding (if paid), or crediting an account for purchase price, for the amount accordingly. INSYNC shall not be responsible for any financial claims for product-related damages resulting from an integration process or systems application by our customers with their own product or system.

This warranty is applicable only when INSYNC receives a written notice of such defect, within said twelve (12) month period. A Returned Materials Authorization (RMA) number must be obtained from INSYNC prior to returning goods. The returned package shall be shipped to INSYNC with all freights prepaid by the Customer.  Any package returned without RMA No. shall be rejected and shipped back at Customer’s expense.

If the returned Product or Part thereof supplied by INSYNC was rendered defective through misapplication, abuse, accident, alteration, negligence, vandalism, operation outside of the specifications (Note 1), unauthorized repairs or part(s) replacement as determined solely by INSYNC’s testing and/or inquiry, then no credit or refund will be issued. The Repair or replacement of Product or Part thereof shall be provided only with a new purchase order with INSYNC.

Warranty on Bonded Panel with Anti-Reflective Glass or Touch Screen

If a bonded anti-reflective glass or touch screen becomes inoperative optically or functionally within twelve (12) months from the date of delivery, INSYNC shall provide free bonding to the optically defective unit, which may include the replacement of the anti-reflective glass or touch screen. The bonded panels or touch screen shall be warranted against defects excluding used outside of the following conditions for the time period as identified above.

  1. Temperature: 0C to +60C unless otherwise specified in the individual component specification.
  2. Product shall not be operated in toxic fumes environment.
  3. Touch screen surface is designed for 3H hardness. Avoid using sharp touch objects that can cause scratches or puncture holes on the 3H touch screen surface.
  4. The optical bond shall be free of bubbles.  Customer shall make bubble visible inspection under naked eyes in normal room lighting condition and 12 inches distance, within one week after receive of the product.  Thereafter, it is customer’s responsibility to maintain the product to operate within the specified environmental limits.  For any reasons, any bubbles developed within one inch of the LCD mounting screw holes or other chassis pressure points because of mishandling or operate outside of the specified environmental limits, INSYNC can remove these newly developed bubbles, but at customer’s expense.  An RMA shall be assigned and shipping cost to and from INSYNC shall be paid by customer.

Special Cleaning Instructions: The bonded glass has an anti-reflective glass or touch screen, which may be coated with anti-reflective coating.  The surface must be handled optically and cleaned with solvent of 50% distilled water and 50% alcohol or equivalent, using soft cotton cloth.  Abrasive cloth will scratch the surface and destroy the optical function of the coating.

Note 1:   Refer to individual component specifications.

Note 2:  In case of any conflicts between Purchase Order and this Warranty, Purchase Order supersedes this warranty.