Avionics Simulation Displays

Avionic Simulation Display

Our custom Dual Mode: Day/NVIS displays meet Mil-L3009 Type 1, Class B for Multi-Color Displays. We use cut-glass LCD to create all sizes of flat-panel displays, including hard-to-find 6”x 6” and 3”x3″ displays.

6″x 6″ simulation display

  • P/N: 04B-0611-173
  • Display Size: 6.2” x 6.2”
  • Resolution: 768×768
  • Active Area: 157.8mm X 157.8mm
  • Brightness, Day: 30 fL to 0.1 fL (Contact us for higher brightness upgrade)
  • Brightness, NVIS: 10 fL to 0.1 fL
  • NVIS Mode: Meeting Mil-L-3009 Type 1, Class B for Multi-Color Displays
  • Operating Temp: 0 to +60C
  • Outline Dimensions: 177mmX177mmX31mm (Contact us for additional details)
  • Replaceable front tempered cover glass